The Apex Geoscience consulting team includes Will Halleran (P.Geo, L.Eng) and Kim Green (P.Geo, PhD) who have been working in partnership for more than 18 years to provide guidance for resource managers and private water users in aquatic and terrestrial resources stewardship in British Columbia.

Apex’s professionals provide expertise in the fields of slope stability assessment, landslide risk analysis and mitigation, watershed assessment, hydrology, development of road stability prescriptions, terrestrial and fluvial geomorphology and hydroecology. On several recent projects Apex’s professional have worked in partnership with Terra Erosion Control Ltd. to provide a comprehensive package of assessment, remedial prescription development and prescription implementation. For more information about Terra Erosion Control please visit their website.


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Will Halleran, P.Geo., Eng. L.

Will is the Co-Founder and President of Apex Geoscience Consultants Ltd. and has worked as a geoscientist for over 30 years both in Canada and internationally. Will started his career as an exploration geoscientist in the Yukon and northern BC regions. Will graduated from UBC in 1983 with a BSc in Geology.  In the mid 1990’s Will returned to UBC and received additional training and certification in the field of geotechnics (geoscientist engineer (LEng).

Will has extensive experience in geological and terrain stability mapping and assessment, erosion control techniques, drainage control, landslide remediation prescriptions and road design in unstable and erodible terrain.

Will’s unique background in both geology and geotechnics enables him to combine a comprehensive understanding of the behaviour of subsurface and surface materials and natural geological processes with an expertise in slope remediation methods to provide clients with effective and cost efficient solutions. Download Will’s CV here.

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Kim Green, P.Geo., PhD.

Co-Founder and senior geoscientist with Apex Geoscience Consultants Ltd. Kim has worked as a geoscientist for over 25 years throughout western North America. Kim graduated from UBC in 1986 with a BSc in Geology and from University of Calgary in 1990 with an MSc in Geoscience.  In the mid 1990’s Kim received additional training and certification in the field of geotechnics and hydrology. In 2006 Kim returned to UBC to undertake a combined Doctorate in hydrology and fluivial geomorphology.

Kim works with numerous stakeholder groups throughout the Kootenay-Columbia Region to provide guidance on minimizing and mitigating the effects of resource development activities on water quality and quantity, stream channel stability and riparian ecosystem function in headwater streams. Download Kim’s CV here Kim Green CV .

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